International Projects Experience | Canary Islands (Spain)

FlechaGovernment of the Island of Lanzarote and they 7 Municipalities

Implementation of the EU tool (Integrated Management System) to improve the sustainable development, biosphere conservation and environmental protection in the Island. As a result, a brand new diagnostic, a 2020 sustainable development strategy and 8 action plans have been produced along the 2 years of work with more than 35 sectors and 200 people actively involved since the beginning of the process. 371 projects in up to 10 different sectors have been described along the 8 action plans to be gradually executed from 2014 to 2020.

FlechaMunicipality of Arrecife

Design and implementation of an Environmental Assessment (Diagnostic), Strategy and Action Plan for a sustainable use and management of resources in La Marina de Arrecife. A participatory process to successfully engage more than 30 sectors with different priorities, needs and uses of a common and very sensible space (environmentally and socially speaking) like La Marina de Arrecife.

FlechaBuilding Resilience at LOCAL level - UN Campaign Making Cities Resilient; My city is getting ready!

Incorporation of the 7 Municipalities of Lanzarote into the campaign to be the first Island with 100% of their Municipalities joining the campaign. As an inspiration of that work 4 months later the whole archipelago signed with UNISDR a declaration to incorporate the other Municipalities from the other 6 islands. After this, the Canary Islands becomes the 2nd region in the world behind the Province of Potenza to join the campaign with 100% of their Municipalities.