International Projects Experience | Europe

Flecha Austria:

Flecha Development of various strategic alliances to promote project management and sustainable development programmes and projects.

Flecha Belgium:

Flecha Working at different levels and with different organizations in the field of project management and sustainable development, including workshops and policy development in events organizing by the European Union (Open Days, Sustainable Energy Week,  European Development Days, ManagEnergy, European Parliament sessions).

Flecha Working with the team of the EU Programme Pro-Invest as a Sponsor of the ACP countries E-Platform Project.

Flecha Bulgaria:

Flecha Developing of business alliances to promote sustainable development during the 5th International Congress for South-East Europe – Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sector.

Flecha Finland:

Flecha Working group member for the EU Project CHAMP, which aims at designing and implement an Integrated Management System for Regional and Local Authorities (Cities) around Europe. The projects is leading by Union of Baltic Cities (Turku-Finland) with Partners from Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Romania and UK.

Flecha Germany:

Flecha Working group member in a organization who work to promote the Sustainable use of water resources (Sanitation).

Flecha Italy:

Flecha Managing different projects for the setup of solar plants (photovoltaic).

Flecha Macedonia:

Flecha Provided project Evaluation and PM Training under EU Programme - Pre-Access Assistance (IPA) funds for countries in Eastern Europe (Balkans) aspiring to join the European Union. 

Flecha Malta:

Flecha Managing one project for the setup of solar technology in houses and school roofs. Successful engagement of different stakeholders.

Flecha Romania:

Flecha Project Management Training and advice in 8 regions across Romania. 367 entrepreneurs and SMEs participated.

Flecha Spain:

Flecha Member of the Technical Working Group for the Reference document on Best Environmental Management Practices in the Public Administration Sector - EC - Directorate General JRC (Joint Research Centre), Seville.

Flecha Tutor at the Executive Master in Project Management –University of Valencia. Writher of the Business Administration module.

Flecha Project Management and Business Development as a Director of SES (Sustainable Energy Solutions).

Flecha Delivered various workshops for top private sector companies on how to apply PM Methodology, tools and techniques.

Flecha Improved performance and capabilities for a Financial Institution based in Madrid, with offices in Portugal and UK applying Project Management tools and techniques.    

Flecha Established a Project Management Office (PMO) for the Services Division of Microsoft Iberica with up to 500 projects per year.

Flecha Development of a long term relationship with Corporate Solutions (Leader Consultancy company in the multilateral, public and private sector).

Flecha Improve performance and capabilities in other companies from different regions of the country (Galicia and Catalonia) applying project management tools and techniques.

Flecha Set up of the Europe India Chamber of Commerce Spanish chapter with direct project management responsibilities for the sustainable development projects.

Flecha Project Manager in the Environmental Impact Assessment for the 13 UNESCO Cities.

Flecha Turkey

Flecha Working with Corporate Solutions to provide project management training and advice for different projects and promote their consultancy services with local leaders in the multilateral sector.

Flecha United Kingdom:

Flecha Member of the Oxford University China-Africa Network as a Project Management and Sustainable Development Specialist.

Flecha Project Management training and consulting for the private and public sector as a Director of Managing Projects Limited. Capacity building for SMEs sector.