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Local ACTION to make a difference!!!


Most of the people around the world are already living in cities, towns or villages and the number of people moving every year from rural to urban areas is increasing at an impressive rate.

As a society living in communities we have rights but also obligations and responsibilities. Living on a sustainable way to ensure, among other important aspects, the access to resources and a not contaminated environment are two of these obligations and responsibilities that we have.

ACTION at a local level is one of the key aspects to accomplishing the mentioned challenges and it is our opportunity to make a difference and be part of the solutions. 

In the last 7 years we have been working locally to make this happen in more than 100 cities to create real and positive impact in local communities. 

OUR LATEST PROJECT related to that was in the Canary Island, specifically in the Island of Lanzarote in which the last 18 months we have been there providing consultancy services and technical assistance on the ground using a EU integrated management system tool to design and implement a Lanzarote 2020 Sustainable Development Strategy and up to 8 Action Plans (one for the whole Island and another 7 associated to that one for each of the Municipalities). This plans described up to 371 projects to be executed from now to 2020 in order to improve local sustainability, efficiency and resilience, among other goals. 

In the process, and in an island that has been declared by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, more than 35 different sectors and hundreds of people have been directly or indirectly involved from the beginning. As a result, the Island of Lanzarote is progressively executing their action plans and we are now monitoring the whole process base on a set of local indicators to measure the evolution in up to 10 key sectors for the sustainable development of the island, including among others: Land use and management, Energy, Waste, Water, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Tourism, Social Cohesion, etc. 

Many of these initiatives and local actions involve the application of new ideas, technologies and approaches in order to find the most sustainable and cost effective solutions, that create value and the necessary balance between social, economic and environmental development.

Now a days and around the world we have more and more examples that show the importance of LOCAL ACTION to make a difference in the way that we are dealing with current and future sustainability challenges. Scotland is definitely one of the regions that inspire all of that with different and successful local initiatives that you can see in the following video and use as an additional inspiration for your community:

If you would like to know more and how we can help your community to move forward and build a sustainable future, please CONTACT US.

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