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Project Management for Sustainable Cities - An Integrated Management Tool and Approach

Public and private organisations around the world are implementing formal project management processes and disciplines to deliver their work initiatives (programmes and/or projects) on time, within budget and to an agreed upon level of quality. Part of the benefits to execute better, faster and cheaper, comes from the ability to adopt an integrated approach and to implement common processes and practices across the entire organization.

Current challenges such a climate change, production and consumption patterns, demographic growth and urban expansion, among others, cannot be solved without proper planning and engagement of all of the stakeholders. 

Project Management become one of the key aspects to build success at regional and local level creating suitable platforms of work that allow people to develop and use their talent and effort to change their local realities; needs and challenges related to sustainability and their quality of life. At the same time, working and planning all together increases the level of commitment people have to their own living environment.

For that, a useful tool facilitating the integration of decision making and planning processes is the Integrated Management System. A logical step by step management cycle that help LOCAL communities to go trough a common planning and development processes in a more structured way. The 5 steps of the model enable common development visions and goals to be formulated together with an active, objective and pro active participation of the different stakeholders involved. 

IMS Cycle

Main OUTCOMES working with this tool and approach

1. A participatory Sustainable Development Assessment to identify with all of the stakeholders your main needs and challenges to improve sustainability (Diagnostic)
2. Base on a common VISION and GOALS a long term Strategy covering the main pillars of sustainability (Energy, Waste and Water generation and management, Education, Mobility, among others), to ensure a more efficient generation, use and/or management of resources.
3. Action Plan/s as a road map to execute the Strategy more efficiently, associated to a set of Local indicators to measure the progress along the way.

Contact us if would like to know more about this tool and approach, already tested in more than 80 european regions/cities.

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