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Resource Efficiency | Creating more awareness and understanding about the importance of efficiency

Use and management of resources in a more efficient way is becoming a powerful tool for cities and regions so, they are planning, implementing and monitoring climate and energy policies, and in doing they are contributing to save money and more importantly, supporting global efforts to reduce CO₂ emissions and on mitigation and adaptation achievements.

At the European Union (EU) level, policies, lots of research and innovation and a big number of programmes and projects in the last few years have contributed to be global leaders in sustainability and to constantly increase the number of cities that decide to design and implement a long term sustainable development strategy and action plan. The EU climate, energy production and energy efficiency package aims to combat climate change and increase the EU’s energy security while strengthening its competitiveness, committing the national governments (members) to transforming itself into a highly energy efficient, low carbon economy.

The EU members are committed to meet and/or exceed the EU 20% CO₂ reduction objective by 2020 increasing energy efficiency and the development of sources of renewable energy by 20% as well. So, the European 2020 strategy to build a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy by the year 2020 serves as a guideline to the efforts on energy and climate change that other cities from around the world are doing, helping them to understand the big opportunity all of this represents and how all of that generates a positive impact at all levels, from local communities to national, regional and the entire world.

More recently and as part of our work to support local communities in the efforts to be more efficient managing resources, a new Diagnostic, Strategy and a Sustainable Use and Management Action Plan have been developed for La Marina de Arrecife in the island of Lanzarote. A work with a long term vision, common goals and active, positive and proactive participation of more than 35 sectors.

Energy, Waste, Water, Mobility are only some of the sectors in which efficiency is needed to improve our sustainability.

Contact us to know more about the options that we can offer to your community in order to be more efficient in the use and management of resources.

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